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16 Sep


The Name Bunut Bolong is given due to the unique characteristic of this tree, the word “bunut” is Balinese name for a species of fig family which has similar characteristic with banyan tree, and the word “bolong” means ‘hole”so the word “bunut bolong” means a bunut tree which has a hole in it. As a matter fact, this sacred tree has a big hole in the bottom of it, so big that  a road can through it and the diameter of the hole

Can accommodate  two cars side by side.


Juwuk Manis is a small waterfall, only about four feet tall. However, the water is very clear and crisp. Interestingly, Waterfall Juwuk Sweet consists of two adjoining small waterfall. At the bottom of the waterfall there is a small pool that can be used for bathing or water play. Surely shower favors once in the pouring waterfall, after a long struggle with sweating to reach this waterfall.


Price :US$ 27 Net / person, minimal 2 person


Cold towel and mineral water and  transport are  included
Duration: 4 hours

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