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16 Sep


To avoid the heat it’s best to leave early at either 8.30 am or later before sunset at 3 pm. Discover the beautiful rice fields of medewi. A car will transport you and the bikes 10 minute away to the village set back from the ocean where the bike tour starts. You will cycle through the lush green fields and terrace hills with one of our english speaking guides on peacepul country lanes. You’ll have a break at a shelter where you can enjoy a local snack  and our guide will tell  you about  Bali’s rice ( padi ) culture and intricate  water irrigation system.  In bali rice is considered a gift from god. Did you know that there are five words for rice in indonesian ? They describe the different stages, from seedling in the fields to the rice ready to eat after cooking.  That’s  just how important it is to the people of Bali.

At the and of the tour our driver will pick you up and the bikes up, back to Bali Taman Sari  Villas.

Price : US$ 31 Net / person

Inclusion : Mineral water, Hand towel, english speaking guide.

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