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16 Sep


A unique tour to the village of Blimbing Sari and neighboring villages. It is recognized as the cleanest village almost monthly by the government. During this tour you will visit the Blimbing Sari Orphanage with their daily activity, playing traditional gambelan and etc. Next destination is seeing how to make  Balinese palm sugar, Bali coffee, cocoa plantations, and coconut wine is produced. And then to the Blimbing Sari Protestant Church.  The last part of this tour is a visit to the Palasari catholic Church. The Catholic and Protestant churches have no conflict between them and the residents help each other when there are need it.  The two Christian villages live in peace with the surrounding Hindu and Muslim villages and they help and good relationship with each other villages.


Price:    Minimum 2 person       :  us$ 27 Net / person / minimum 2 person


Cold towel and mineral water and  transport are  included
Duration: 4 hours

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