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16 Sep


Rubber was given its English name in the 17th century when a stationer discovered that you could rub out pencil marks with it. A fascinating tour of the local rubber factory and extensive plantation which will give you insight into how racing car and airplane grade rubber is produced in this local industry by hand, using no modern machinery. None of the rubber is wasted, the poorest quality is sold on to be made into foam. Starting in the tiny rubber factory, the English speaking guide will take you step by step through the production, after which you’ll stroll through the beautiful leafy plantation learning about the care and upkeep of the trees and harvesting of latex. The local guide will also show you other plants and fruit-bearing trees including cocoa, which depending on the time of year, if ripe enough, you can pluck and taste. A break will be made at the worker’s shelter within the trees to enjoy a refreshing coconut drink in the shade.


Price: US$ 40 Net/person

Inclusion: Mineral water, Hand towel, English speaking guide, entrance fee.

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